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Nome #
An in vitro study on the toxic effects of nonylphenols (NP) in mitochondria 419
A bioanalytical method for the monitoring of metal alkyls in solution. 417
Beef heart mitochondria for the Rotenone monitoring. 390
A comparison between the responses of neutral red and acridine orange: Acridine Orange should be preferential and alternative to neutral red as a dye for the monitoring of contaminants by means of biological sensors 381
The mitochondria as biosensors for the monitoring of detergent compounds in solution 370
Mechanism and Pathophysiological Role of Polyamine Transport in Mammalian Mitochondria. Answer to Debated Questions 365
A new procedure for the monitoring of Cationic Detergents in solution 358
Effect of peroxides on spermine transport in rat brain and liver mitochondria. 355
The interaction of zinc pyrithione with mitochondria from rat liver and a study of the mechanism of inhibition of ATP synthesis 351
The interactions of cetyltrimethylammonium with mitochondria: an uncoupler or a detergent? 351
A new proposal regarding the transport mechanism of mercury in biological membranes 343
The interaction of tributyllead with lysosomes from rat liver 339
Bidirectional fluxes of spermine across the mitochondrial membrane. 337
Methylmercury induces the opening of the permeability transition pore in rat liver mithocondria. 334
Interactions of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) with isolated rat live mitochondria. 331
Frozen mitochondria as rapid water quality bioassay 326
A study of the toxic effects of six dibenzofuranes in mitochondria from rat liver 321
Determination of Chlorinated organic compounds in aqueous matrices 316
A possible transport mechanism for aluminum in biological membranes 309
An alternative to Neutral Red as a dye for environmental contaminant biomonitoring. 299
Further characterization of agmatine binding to mitochondrial membranes: involvement of imidazoline I2 receptor. 299
The interaction of Methylmercury with Lysosomes from rat liver 298
An in vitro study of the interaction of Sea-Nine with rat lever mitochondria 298
Interactions of melatonin with mammalian mitochondria. Reducer of energy capacity and amplifier of permeability transition. 297
The interactions of Cobalt(II) with mitochondria from rat liver 296
FM22 (Frozen Mitochondria bioassay): an animal alternative bioassay for toxicity measures for water soluble samples. 295
Tributyltin and mitochondria: new evidence in support of an uncoupling mechanism and further characterization of the transport mechanism 287
Cobalt induces oxidative stress in isolated liver mitochondria responsible for permeability transition and intrinsic apoptosis in hepatocyte primary cultures 278
Antioxidant action of two polyphenols, resveratrol and piceid, on a biological model in vitro. 269
TCMS inhibits ATP synthesis in mitochondria: a systematic analysis of the inhibitory mechanism 268
Inositol administration reduces oxidative stress in erythrocytes of patients with polycistic ovary syndrome. 264
A study on a possible toxicity action mechanism of chemical compounds which are formed by hydrolisis of atrazine 258
The accumulation in lysosomes of the anionic detergent alkylbenzene sulfonate. 258
Irgarol inhibits ATP synthesis in mitochondria 257
Organotins as mitochondria toxins. 257
Improvement on frozen mitochondria bioassay: a methodological remark. 255
Trialkyllead compounds induce the opening of the MPT pore in rat liver mitochondria 254
Spermine cycling in mitochondria is mediated by adenine nucleotide translocase activity: mechanism and pathophysiological implications 244
ESR Determination of Mn++ uptake and binding in mitochondria 242
ATP and pH dependence of the redox properties of cytochrome b565 in the mitochondrial membrane 228
Mitochondria as biosensors for toxicity measurements in solution 223
Interaction of Mn++ with submitochondrial particles 217
A spin-label carbodiimide as a probe for mitochondrial ATPase 216
H+/site, charge/site, and ATP/site ratios in mitochondrial electron transport 212
A simple "in vitro" test to monitor trace metal toxicity in aqueous samples 210
A simple "in vitro" method for selective detection of the presence of phenols in water using the mitochondria lmembrane from rat liver 210
H+/site ratio and steady state distribution of divalent cations in mitochondria 209
Photoelectrochemical effect on the anodic deposit obtained on platinum from selenocyanate ammoniate 209
The transport of cadmium in biological membranes. 204
Combined Effect of Propofol and GSNO on Oxidative Phosphorylation of Isolated Rat Liver Mitochondria 201
Comparison between two advanced abatement technologies for potentially hazardous chemicals (PAH) generated by restaurant and catering industries as cooking wastes. 196
The interactions of SDS with mitochondria from rat liver 194
Proton electrochemical potential in steady state rat liver mitochondria 186
Addendum to Abstracts presented at the 14th International Congress on Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins - Bovine liver mitochondria: constitutive presence of a novel enzyme with spermine oxidase properties. 185
Toxicity measurements in water using the response of the mitochondrial respiratory chain 184
Functional and structural changes induced by phospholipase C in intact mitochondria and submitochondrial particles 184
Complexation of cadmium and copper by fluvial humic matter and effects on their toxicity. 183
A new "in vitro" toxicity test based on the response to toxic substances in solutions of mitochondria from beef heart 182
Electrolytic oxidation of selenocyanate in ammoniate solution 181
Activation energies and entalpies during Ca++ transport in rat liver mitochondria 179
A possible explanation of the toxicity and in particular of the neurotoxicity of trialkyllead (tal) compounds 178
Effect of various commercial buffers on sperm viability and capacitation 178
A proposal to explain the neurotoxicity of methylmercury and some organometal compounds 176
The effect of Endogenous Phosphate on the H+/Mn2+ ratio and the state of Mn2+ in the mitochondrial matrix 175
The nature of the electron spin resonance signal during aerobic uptake of Mn2+ in mitochondria from rat liver 174
A proposal for a new mechanism of interaction of Trialkyltin (TAT) compounds with mitochondria 169
Structure-toxicity correlations of alkylbenzene sulphonates, nonylphenol polyethoxylated and their carboxylic derivatives 169
Discrimination Between Local and Remote Origin of Rain Pollutants by an Automated System of Continuous Monitoring. 166
Toxic effects of new antifouling compounds on tunicate haemocytes 165
The interactions of PCBs with mitochondria from rat liver 162
The mitochondria from beef heart as biosensors for the selective monitoring of phenols 161
Mitochondrial Bioenergetics as affected by cationic detergents 157
Heavy metal release from estuarine sediments by NTA contamination of river waters 156
Effects of nitrosopropofol on mitochondrial energy-converting system 156
Gold complexes inhibit mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase: consequences on mitochondrial functions 156
Optimal conditions for avoiding emission of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) during combustion of sherred recycled tire rubber 156
Semiconductor properties of the anodic polymer obtained on platinum from selenocyanate ammoniate 155
Thallium induces Apoptosis in Jurkat cells 151
Tacrine accumulates in the acidic cell compartments: potential therapeutic implications 150
Anticholinesterasic drugs: tacrine but not physostigmine, accumulates in acidic compartments of the cells 148
Agmatine and alpha-methylagmatine: permeabilizing the outer mitochondrial membrane. 148
Using frozen mitochondria as an ecotoxicological tool: an actual application 147
Ni++ as a competitive inhibitor of Calcium transport in mitochondria 143
The disequilibrium between steady state accumulation ratio and membrane potential in rat liver mitochondria 140
Pathways and regulation of Ca++ transport in rat liver mitochondria 140
Triethyllead: new evidences supporting the uncoupling mechanism in rat liver mitochondria 139
Application of technical tools to a bioassy with frozen mitochondria 137
Stoichiometry and thermodynamics of the proton pump. The proton channel 137
Proton electrochemical gradient and rate of controlled respiration in mitochondria 137
Mitochondrial permeability to ions induced by dibenzodioxines and dibenzofuranes. A simple method to measure ion permeability in membranes 136
Environmental application of frozen mitochondria assay: acute toxicity of sediment elutriates. 134
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the H+ pump in mitochondrial electron transport 132
Photoelectrochemical effect in binary mixture Acetamide/KSCN 132
Mitochondria as biosensor for the monitoring of metals and organic toxic compounds in solution 131
Site directed spin labeling of the mitochondrial membrane. Synthesis and utilization of the adenosine triphosphatase inhibitor (N (2,2,6,6 tetramethyl piperidyl 1 oxyl) N' (cyclohexyl) carbodiimide) 131
Electrolytic oxidation of thiocyanate and selenocyanate salts and the photoeletrochemical effect 131
Frozen mitochondria as fast bioassay for monitoring environmental pollutants 130
The interactions of sodiumdodecylsulphate (sds) with rat liver mitochondria 129
Interactions of trialkyllead compounds with rat liver mitochondria 128
Totale 22483
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