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OC - Oceania 9
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CA - Canada 333
RU - Federazione Russa 227
TR - Turchia 212
AT - Austria 165
BE - Belgio 147
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BG - Bulgaria 79
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VN - Vietnam 29
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ES - Italia 24
IN - India 17
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CL - Cile 5
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Latiano 13
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Polska 13
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Lausanne 11
Noale 10
Puxian 9
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Trieste 9
Xiangfen 9
Casièr 8
Clearwater 8
Den Haag 8
Totale 25226
Nome #
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Antarctica: Occurrence in continental and coastal surface snow 613
Free amino acids in Antarctic aerosol: Potential markers for the evolution and fate of marine aerosol 571
Direct immersion solid-phase microextraction with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry for the determination of specific biomarkers of human sweat in melted snow 554
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Antarctic ice-free areas: Influence of local sources on lakes and soils 543
Fragrances in the seawater of Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica 528
Distribution of fragrances and PAHs in the surface seawater of the Sicily Channel, Central Mediterranean 510
Hydrodechlorination of Aroclor 1260 in aqueous two-phase mixture catalyzed by biogenerated bimetallic catalysts 508
PCDD/Fs in sediments of Central Vietnam coastal lagoons: In search of TCDD 495
Carcinogenic and mutagenic risk associated to airborne particle-phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: A source apportionment 471
Fragrances and PAHs in snow and seawater of Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard): Local and long-range contamination 468
Organic biomarkers characterisation in peat samples 439
Determination by HRGC/HRMS of PBDE levels in edible Mediterranean bivalves collected from north-western Adriatic coasts 435
PCBs and PAHs in sea-surface microlayer and sub-surfacewater samples of the Venice Lagoon (Italy) 433
Recognizing different impacts of human and natural sources on the spatial distribution and temporal trends of PAHs and PCBs (including PCB-11) in sediments of the nador lagoon (Morocco) 429
Organic micropollutants in wet and dry depositions in the Venice Lagoon 419
A new method for the evaluation of the direct effect of the ship traffic on PAHs 416
3,3 '-dichlorobiphenyl (non-Aroclor PCB-11) as a marker of non-legacy PCB contamination in marine species: comparison between Antarctic and Mediterranean bivalves 411
The mitochondria as biosensors for the monitoring of detergent compounds in solution 400
Development of “Sediment washing” by natural organicsubstances of dredged sediments of the Venice Lagoon, Italy. 397
Persistent Organic Pollutant in the Venetian coastal environment 395
210Pb-derived history of PAHs and PCBs accumulationin sediments of a tropical inner Lagoon (Las Matas,Gulf of Mexico) near a major oil refinery 382
Can PBDE natural formation and degradation processes interfere with the identification of anthropogenic trends and sources? Evidences from sediments of the Nador Lagoon (Morocco) 381
The interactions of cetyltrimethylammonium with mitochondria: an uncoupler or a detergent? 379
Sustainability of using vineyard pruning residues as an energy source: Combustion performances and environmental impact 377
Simultaneous determination of halogenated contaminants and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: a multi-analyte method applied to filter-feeding edible organisms 373
Domoic acid at trace levels in lagoon waters: assessment of a method using internal standard quantification 365
GC-MS method for determining faecal sterols as biomarkers of human and pastoral animal presence in freshwater sediments 362
Sugars in Antarctic aerosol 361
The impact of ship traffic and harbor activities on the atmospheric pollution in two northern adriatic ports: Venice and Rijeka 355
Chemical and Statistical characterization of selected documents from the archives of the Palazzo Ducale (Venice, Italy) 348
Retrospective biomonitoring of chemical contamination in the marine coastal environment of Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica) by environmental specimen banking 344
To methylate or not to methylate? Study of Mercury Speciation along the Venetian Littoral System (Q-ALiVe project) 331
Study of 19th century inks from archives in the Palazzo Ducale (Venice, Italy) using various analytical techniques 286
Plant Residues as Direct and Indirect Sources of Hydrocarbons in Soils: Current Issues and Legal Implications 283
Deposition in St. Mark's Basilica of Venice 275
The impact of the 1999 Mw 7.4 event in the İzmit Bay (Turkey) on anthropogenic contaminant (PCBs, PAHs and PBDEs) concentrations recorded in a deep sediment core 272
Deposition in St.Mark's basilica of Venice 269
Metals in Mediterranean aquatic species 267
Quantitative determination of un-derivatised amino acids in artistic muralpaintings using high-performance liquid chromatography/electrosprayionization triple quadrupole mass spectrometry 265
When research meets NGOs: The GVC-UCODEP project in the Bắc Giang Province and Cầu River (Northern Vietnam) and its feedback on national monitoring programs 259
Historical PCB fluxes in the Mexico City Metropolitan Zone as evidenced by a sedimentary record from the Espejo de los Lirios lake 254
Gas-particle distributions, sources and health effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs) in Venice aerosols 253
Trace metals and organic pollutants fluxes in the Venice Lagoon. In: Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, CORILA Research Program 2001-2003. 250
An environmental-friendly approach to the remediation ofdredged polluted sediments of the Venice Lagoon, Italy 250
Application of chemometrics to the screening of hazardous chemicals. A case study 242
Development of a method for simultaneous analysis of PCDDs, PCDFs, PCBs, PBDEs, PCNs and PAHs in Antarctic air 242
Persistent toxic substances in Mediterranean aquatic species 231
Polychlorinated biphenyls in sediments of the Tam Guang-Cau Hai Lagoon, Central Vietnam 227
Benthic fluxes evaluation of PCBs and PAHs by means of experiments with benthic chambers. 226
Brominated Flame Retardants in edible bivalves: food control and lack of specific legislation 226
Atmospheric Chemistry: Rate Constants of Gas-Phase Reactions Between Haloalkanes of Environmental Interest and Hydroxyl Radicals 225
Organic pollutants in protected plain areas: The occurrence of PAHs, musks, UV-filters, flame retardants and hydrocarbons in woodland soils 222
Synthesis of C37‐Alkenones for Past Climate Reconstructions 220
PCBs and PAHs in surficial sediments from aquatic environments of Mexico city and the coastal states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Oaxaca and Veracruz (Mexico) 215
Exploring the possibility to detect recent temporal changes in highly disturbed sedimentary records through sampling repetitions and core comparisons of porosity and sand content 208
The seasonal variations of dimethyl sulphide and carbon disulphide in surface waters of the Venice lagoon 205
Benthic fluxes evaluation of PCBs and PAHs by means of experiments with bentich chambers 205
Perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs, C7-C12) through the biogeochemical cycle of grapevine: determination by GC/MS after derivatization 205
Approach and preliminary results of POSEIDON for the port-city of Venice 204
Seasonal variations of dimethylsulphide in the surface water of the Venice Lagoon 202
Chemometric studies in the Lagoon of Venice, Italy. Annual evolution of sulphur species and relationship to biogeochemical cycles in lagoon water 199
Determinazione di dimetilsolfuro e dimetilsolfoniopropionato in acqua e sedimento della laguna di Venezia 198
PCB-11 in Antarctic lakes and snow 198
POPs paleoenvironmental record over the last 220 years from an ice core retrieved at the plateau site of Dome C, Antarctica 198
Determination of polychlorobiphenyls in Venice Lagoon sediments 196
Modelling the Ionization Potential of Halogenated Aliphatics 192
Temporal evolution of DMS and DMSP in Antarctic coastal sea water 191
Polychlorinated biphenys in sediments of selected coastal environments in Northern Morocco 190
Wide band ion isolation in an ion trap for the analysis of polychlorobiphenyls 188
A Model for the Tropospheric Persistency of Hydrohalo Alkanes 188
PCBs. in sediments of the Coastal Lagoons in Central Vietnam 188
Dataset for the assessment of selected POP's pollution and effectiveness of environmental policies in the Bắc Giang Province and Cầu River (Northern Vietnam) 188
Study of DMS cycle in Venice lagoon ecosystem 187
Winter Evolution of DMS and DMSP in Venice Lagoon Water and Sediment 186
Multi elemental analysis of roman pottery from northeastern Italy by inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) 186
Assessment of air quality impact of Venice harbour 184
Assessing glyphosate in water, marine particulate matter, and sediments in the Lagoon of Venice 184
Simultaneous determination of halogenated contaminants (PCBs and PCNs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in biota integrated into a single method 182
Methods used for the determination of contaminants in selected soils and sediments of south-east Bac Giang Province (Vietnam) 179
A new experimental scheme for the definition of the natural formation pathways of PBDEs 179
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in samples from the southwestern Bac Giang Province and the Cau River (northern Vietnam) 178
Non-legacy contamination by 3,3'-dichlorobiphenyl in marine species: comparison between Mediterranean area and Antarctic region 177
3D-Modelling and Prediction by WHIM Descriptors. Part 7. Physico-Chemical Properties of Haloaromatics: Comparison beetween WHIM and Topological Descriptors 173
Statistical analysis on ancient mortars: A case study of the Balivi Tower in Aosta (Italy) 173
Application of Chemometrics to the Screening of Hazardous Substances. Part II: Advances in the Multivariate Characterization and Reactivity Modelling of Haloalkanes 172
Tropospheric Persistency of Hydrohaloalkanes 172
Determination of Polychlorobiphenyl congeners (PCBs) in the surface water of the Venice Lagoon. 169
Atmospheric Degradation of HFCs and HCFCs: Chemistry and Noxiousness 167
PCBs in Central Vietnam coastal lagoons: levels and trends in dynamic environments 167
Polyclorinated byphenyls in sediments of northern Morocco's coastal environments 165
PCBs and PAHs in Venice Lagoon Air-Water Interface 164
Production techniques in modern sacred art: a study of mural paintings through physical chemical characterization and statistical analysis 163
Reactivity QSARs for Environmental Chemicals 162
QSAR Reliability Assessment. Environmental Fate-Related QSAR 162
Characterization of paintings proteinaceous binders by HPLC/(+)ESIMS/MS 161
PCDD/F, hydrocarbons and pesticides in sediments of the Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon, central Vietn 158
PBDEs and PCBs in sediments of the Thi Nai Lagoon (Central Vietnam) and soils from its mainland 158
Totale 27732
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