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CN - Cina 2.605
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UA - Ucraina 616
DE - Germania 462
IE - Irlanda 460
SE - Svezia 430
CA - Canada 409
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TR - Turchia 172
RU - Federazione Russa 136
HK - Hong Kong 131
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Paris 6
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Nome #
The addition of halogens and interhalogens on palladacyclopentadienyl complexes bearing quinolyl-thioether as spectator ligands. A kinetic and computational study 487
The unexpected case of reactions of halogens and interhalogens with halide substituted Pd(II) sigma-butadienyl complexes 484
Synthesis, photophysical characterisation and metal ion binding properties of new ligands containing anthracene chromophores 466
Addition of halogens and interhalogens on palladacyclopentadienyl complexes stabilized by pyridyl-thioether N-S spectator ligands 456
The addition of bromine and iodine to palladacyclopentadienyl complexes bearing bidentate heteroditopic P-N spectator ligands derived from differently substituted quinolinic frames. The unexpected evolution of the reaction 445
Qualitative and quantitative discrimination of fake and true alkene rotation processes in pd(η2-olefin) complexes. A new bimolecular mechanism 443
The interaction between heteroditopic pyridine–nitrogen NHC with novel sulfur NHC ligands in palladium(0) derivatives: Synthesis and structural characterization of a bis-carbene palladium(0) olefin complex and formation in solution of an alkene–alkyne mixed intermediate as a consequence of the ligandshemilability 440
Oxidative addition of organic halides on palladium(0) complexes stabilized by dimethylfumarate and quinoline-based N-P or N-S spectator ligands 436
Synthesis, characterization and a reactivity study of some allyl palladium complexes bearing bidentate hemi-labile carbene or mixed carbene/PPh3 ligands 430
Facile synthesis and reactivity study of mixed phosphane-isocyanide Pd(II) and Pd(0) complexes 415
Synthesis and characterization of palladacyclopentadiene complexes with N-heterocyclic carbene ligands 414
Reactions of palladium(0) olefin complexes stabilized by some different hetero- and homo-ditopic spectator ligands with propargyl halides 411
Synthesis, stability and reactivity of palladium(0) olefin complexes bearing labile or hemi-labile ancillary ligands and electron-poor olefins. 394
Synthesis, characterization, dynamics and reactivity toward amination of η3-allyl palladium complexes bearing mixed ancillary ligands. Evaluation of the electronic characteristics of the ligands from kinetic data. 391
Attack of molecular iodine to novel palladacyclopentadienyl complexes bearing isocyanides as spectator ligands. A computational and mechanistic study 389
Synthesis of new allyl palladium complexes bearing purine-based NHC ligands with antiproliferative and proapoptotic activity on human ovarian cancer cell lines 376
Reactivity of N-heterocyclic carbene-pyridine palladacyclopentadiene complexes toward halogen addition. the unpredictable course of the reaction 373
Synthesis of poly(pyridylthioether) dendrimers incorporating a Fe2(CO)6 cluster core 372
Luminescent complexes of the zinc triad with N-substituted 8-amino-quinoline ligands: Synthesis and comparative study on the stability constants and related photophysical properties 366
Transmetalation between Au(I) and Sn(IV) complexes. The reaction mechanism in non-coordinating and coordinating polar solvents. 364
Oxidative coupling of activated alkynes with palladium(0) olefin complexes: Side production of the highly symmetric hexamethyl mellitate species under mild conditions at low alkyne/complex molar ratios 362
Synthesis and Mechanism of Formation of Novel NHC-NAC Bis-Carbene Complexes of Gold(I) 358
Insertion of Substituted Alkynes into the Pd-C Bond of Methyl and Vinyl Palladium(II) Complexes Bearing Pyridylthioethers as Ancillary Ligands. The Influence of Ligand Substituents at Pyridine and Sulphur on the Rate of Insertion 357
The synthesis of palladacyclopentadienyl derivatives from rigid bis-alkynes and their use as precursors in the synthesis of fluoroanthene-like cycles under mild conditions. A reactivity investigation 356
Novel hetero-polymetallic derivatives of palladium bearing pyridylthioether fragments incorporating a Fe2(CO)6 cluster core as ligand 354
Reactivity of cationic gold(I) carbene complexes toward oxidative addition of bromine 345
Synthesis of novel heteroditopic carbene–pyridine palladium(II) chloro vinyl complexes. Comparative reactivity of different palladium vinyl derivatives toward transmetalation with alkynyl stannane 345
Synthesis of novel palladium allyl complexes bearing heteroditiopic NHC-S ligands. Kinetic study on the carbene exchange between bis-carbene palladium allyl complexes 343
A study on the insertiion of isocyanides into palladium allyl bond: Effect of their nature on the strategic steps of the process 335
Palladacyclopentadienyl complexes bearing purine-based N-heterocyclic carbenes: A new class of promising antiproliferative agents against human ovarian cancer 335
Synthesis and reactivity toward olefin exchange and oxidative addition of some platinum(0) olefin complexes with thioquinolines as spectator ligands 335
The formation of a metallacycloheptadienyl intermediate in the reaction of palladacyclopentadienyl derivatives with tetracyanoethylene 331
Synthesis, Stability Constant Determination, and Structural Study of Some Complexes of a Zinc Triad Containing Pyridyl-amine-quinoline and Pyridyl-thio-quinoline 330
Allyl Amination of Phosphinoquinoline Allyl Complexes of Palladium. Influence of the AllylHapticity on the Reaction Rate and Regiochemistry. 326
Mechanistic and Kinetic Investigation on the Formation of Palladacyclopentadiene Complexes. A Novel Interpretation Involving a Bimolecular Self Reaction of a Monoalkyne Intermediate 320
Isocyanide insertion across the Pd–C bond of allenyl and propargyl palladium complexes bearing phosphoquinoline as a spectator ligand. Synthesis of a palladium complex bearing a coordinated cyclobutenyl fragment 314
The role of ancillary ligands and of electron poor alkenes and alkynes in stabilizing Pd(0) derivatives: A comparative study 312
Triphenylene based metal-pyridine cages 310
Synthesis and characterization of novel olefin complexes of palladium(0) with chelating bis(N-heterocyclic carbenes) as spectator ligands 307
Highly active [Pd(AcO)2(dppp)] catalyst for the CO-C2H4 copolymerization in H2O-CH3COOH solvent [dppp = 1,3-bis(diphenylphosphino)propane] 300
Halogen metathesis in Pd(II) σ-butadienyl complexes 299
Synthesis of novel olefin complexes of palladium(0) bearing monodentate NHC, phosphine and isocyanide spectator ligands 295
Synthesis and in-depth studies on the anticancer activity of novel palladacyclopentadienyl complexes stabilized by N-Heterocyclic carbene ligands 295
Computational investigations on the unexpected extrusion of molecular iodine in Pd(II) σ-butadienyl complexes 293
A simple and alternative way for the methylation of functionalized purine bases 292
The anticancer activity of an air-stable Pd(i)-NHC (NHC = N-heterocyclic carbene) dimer 282
Transmetalation Reactions. The Surprising Role of the Stabilizing Olefin in Determining the Overall Reaction Rate 279
Crystal Structure and Fluxional Behavior of Novel Pd(II) Allyl Complexes Containing a Potentially Tridentate S,N,S Ligand. An Example of Selective syn-anti Isomerism. 270
Synthesis, characterization and antiproliferative activity of theophyllinebased Pd(II) allyl complexes 264
First synthesis of a palladium(0)-containing multimetallic system based on hemilabile pyridylthioether ligands 263
Kinetic Studies of the Oxidative Addition and Transmetallation Steps Involved in the Cross-Coupling of Alkynyl Stannanes with Aryl Iodides Catalysed by teta2-(Dimethyl fumarate)(iminophosphane)palladium(0) Complexes 258
Palladium(II) Allyl Complexes with Nitrogen-Sulfur Bidentate Ligands.Substituent Effects in the Mechanism of Allyl Amination. 256
Equilibrium and kinetic studies of (2,2':6',2"-terpyridine)gold(III) complexes.Preparation and crystal structure of [Au(terpy)(OH)[ClO4]2 251
Chemoselective oxidative addition of vinyl sulfones mediated by palladium complexes bearing picolyl-N-heterocyclic carbene ligands 247
Equilibria and rates of olefin substitution in zerovalent palladium complexes containing a 2-pyridylmethanimine ligand 246
Low valent palladium benzoquinone complexes bearing different spectator ligands. The versatile coordinative capability of benzoquinone 246
A Novel Mechanism for the Fluxional Behaviour of [Pd(η2-tetramethylethylenetetracarboxylate)(2-methylthiomethylpyridine)] 238
Insertion of 1,1-Me2propadiene across the Pd–C bond of pyridyl–thioether methyl complexes. A mechanistic study 236
Binding ability of 2,6-bis(methylthiomethyl)pyridine with proton, palladium(II) and copper(II) in aqueous solutions 236
Palladium(II) allyl complexes with potentially terdentate ancillary ligands. Mechanism of allyl amination by piperidine 229
Chloride-Modulated Insertion Reactions of Dimethylallene across the Pd-C Bond in Palladium Methyl Complexes Bearing Potentially Terdentate Pyridylthioether Ligands 228
Mechanism of the reaction of allyl amination of Pd(II) allyl complexes containing chelating pyridine chalcogen ligands. A surprisingly low influence of chalcogen atom 222
Attack of Substituted Alkynes on Olefin Palladium(0) Derivatives of Pyridylthioethers. The First Kinetic Study on the Mechanism of Formation of Palladacyclopentadiene Complexes 220
Matrix effects on palladium(II) chelation by two macroporous polystyrene resins with 2,6-bis(methylthiomethyl) pyridine groups 215
Synthesis of novel allyl palladium complexes bearing purine based NHC and a water soluble phosphine and their catalytic activity in the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling in water 214
Oxidative addition of allyl and propargyl halides on palladium(0) complexes bearing bidentate ligands with quinolinic structure 214
The mechanism of olefin exchange in platinum(0) pyridyl-methanimine and pyridyl-thioether complexes. A kinetic study 210
Insertion of Isocyanides across the Pd_C Bond of Phosphinoquinoline Allyl Palladium Complexes Bearing η1- and η3-Coordinated Allyl Groups. A Synthetic and Mechanistic Study 209
Palladium (0) olefin complexes bearing purine-based N-heterocyclic carbenes and 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA): Synthesis, characterization and antiproliferative activity toward human ovarian cancer cell lines 206
Heck Self-condensation of Polycyclic Haloalkenes: The Case of (1R)-2-Iodobornene 203
Insertion of Isocyanides across the Pd-C Bond in Alkyl or Aryl Palladium(II) Complexes Bearing Mixed Nitrogen-Sulfur and Nitrogen-Phosphorus Ancillary Ligands. The Mechanism of Reaction 201
A simple and definitive proof of cis-trans isomerization of a Pd(0)-coordinated olefin without the assistance of an external promoter 201
Novel Palladium (II) Allyl Complexes with Nitrogen-Sulfur Donor Bidentate Ligands . Mechanism of Allyl Amination of [Pd(3-allyl)(N-SR)]ClO4 (allyl = C3H5 ;N-SR = C5H4N-2-CH2SR , R = C6H5,C2H5 ) in the Presence of Activate Olefins. X-ray Structure Determination and Fluxional Behavior. 199
Solution behavior and X-ray structure of cationic allylpalladium (II) complexes with iminophosphine ligands.Kinetics and mechanism of allyl amination by secondary amines 199
Improved Synthesis, Anticancer Activity and Electrochemical Characterization of Unusual Zwitterionic Palladium Compounds with a Ten‐Term Coordinative Ring 199
Substitution reactions between bis-chelate ligands in palladium(II) alkenyl complexes: an unusual way to form unstable trans-P complexes. A study on the isomerization mechanism 198
Pyridine-based dendritic wedges with a specific metal ion coordination site and their palladium(II) complexes 197
Unsymmetrical dendrimers with tridentate pyridylthioether coordination sites as repeating units: useful precursor for the synthesis of palladium-containing metallodendrimers 196
Remarkable, Sterically Induced Rate Enhancement in the Insertion of Allenes into Palladium-Methyl Bonds 196
Synthesis, characterization and X-ray structural determination of palladium(0)–olefin complexes containing pyridin-thioethers as ancillary ligands. Equilibria and rates of olefin and ligand exchange 194
Catalytic transformation of diazo compounds promoted by platinum (0) and dicationic platinum(II) complexes 193
Allyl palladium complexes bearing carbohydrate-based N-heterocyclic carbenes: Anticancer agents for selective and potent in vitro cytotoxicity 193
Palladium(0) Olefin Complexes with Potentially Terdentate Nitrogen Sulfur Ligands. The Role of the Chelate in the Olefin Exchange Path 190
Mechanism of aminocarbene formation by nucleophilic attack on isocyanide ligands in platinum(II)2-pyrazyl and 4-pyridyl complexes 187
The role of the non-participating groups in substitution reactions at cationic Pt(II) complexes containing tridentate chelating nitrogen donors. Crystal structure of {Pt[bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amine](py)}(CF3SO3)2 186
Organometallic nucleophiles.A mechanistic study of halide displacement at saturated carbon by 2- and 4-pyridyl complexes of palladium (II) and platinum (II) 183
Kinetics and Mechanism of Regioselective Amination of the 1-phenylallyl Group in Cationic Palladium(II) Complexes bearing Bidentate Ligands 182
Equilibrium Studies of α-Diimine displacement in Cationic Allyl Palladium(II) Complexes by Monodentate N-Donor Ligands and the Mechanism of Allyl Amination by Triethylamine and Pyridine 182
Addition of Protic Molecules to Coordinated 2-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde in Gold(III) Palladium(II), and Platinum(II) Complexes 177
Solvent and Temperature Effects in the Mechanism of Allyl Amination of -Diimine Complexes [Pd(3-C3H5)(C5H5N-2-CH=NC6H4-OMe-4)]+ by Piperdine and Morpholine 176
Equilibrium and Kinetic.Studies on the Displacement of Pyridine by Chloride Ion in 2,6-Bis(methylthiomethyl)pyridine Palladium (II) Perchlorate 173
Palladium(II)-η3-Allyl Complexes Bearing N-Trifluoromethyl N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: A New Generation of Anticancer Agents that Restrain the Growth of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Tumoroids 168
Mechanism of nucleophilic attack by diethylamine on cationic palladium(II) allyl complexes containing α-diimine ligands 166
Pyridylthioethers: a Promising Class of Polydentate Ligands in Palladium and Platinum Coordination 162
The importance of the electronic and steric features of the ancillary ligands on the rate of cis–trans isomerization of olefins coordinated to palladium(0) centre. A study involving (Z)-1,2-ditosylethene as olefin model 160
Mechanism of formation of (methoxy)(amino)- and bis (amino)carbene complexes by nucleophilic attack of metoxide ion and amines on platinum(II)-coordinated isocyanide in anhidrous methanol 154
Mechanism of Oxidative Allyl Transfer from Allylic Ammonium Cations to Palladium(0) α-Diimine Complexes 152
The marked influence of steric and electronic properties of ancillary pyridylthioether ligands on the rate of allene insertion across the palladium-carbon bond 151
Equilibrium and kinetic studies of (2,2';6',2"-terpyridine)gold(III) complexes. Preparation and X-ray crystal structure of [Au(terpy)OH](ClO4)2 151
Il Ruolo dei Gruppi Non-partecipanti nelle Reazioni di Sostituzione a Complessi Cationici del Platino(II) con Chelanti Azotati Tridentati 148
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