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Continente #
NA - Nord America 19861
EU - Europa 9041
AS - Asia 5035
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 52
AF - Africa 48
SA - Sud America 40
OC - Oceania 8
Totale 34085
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 19102
CN - Cina 4550
IT - Italia 3119
PL - Polonia 1228
UA - Ucraina 1102
DE - Germania 883
CA - Canada 756
SE - Svezia 724
GB - Regno Unito 633
FI - Finlandia 421
RU - Federazione Russa 327
TR - Turchia 225
BG - Bulgaria 125
FR - Francia 105
CH - Svizzera 67
VN - Vietnam 64
IR - Iran 61
AT - Austria 58
BE - Belgio 54
EU - Europa 44
NL - Olanda 41
RO - Romania 41
GR - Grecia 30
KR - Corea 30
MA - Marocco 30
BR - Brasile 27
DK - Danimarca 25
LB - Libano 23
ES - Italia 20
IN - India 20
UZ - Uzbekistan 17
SC - Seychelles 12
CL - Cile 10
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 10
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 8
IL - Israele 8
JP - Giappone 8
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 8
AU - Australia 7
HK - Hong Kong 6
NO - Norvegia 5
PS - Palestinian Territory 5
BD - Bangladesh 4
IE - Irlanda 4
ID - Indonesia 3
LU - Lussemburgo 3
AR - Argentina 2
HU - Ungheria 2
MK - Macedonia 2
MX - Messico 2
MY - Malesia 2
PK - Pakistan 2
SA - Arabia Saudita 2
SD - Sudan 2
SI - Slovenia 2
TH - Thailandia 2
ZA - Sudafrica 2
BZ - Belize 1
GH - Ghana 1
IQ - Iraq 1
KE - Kenya 1
LV - Lettonia 1
MT - Malta 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
PE - Perù 1
PH - Filippine 1
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 1
Totale 34085
Città #
Woodbridge 3957
Fairfield 2632
Ann Arbor 1786
Jacksonville 1607
Houston 1312
Warsaw 1168
Seattle 1130
Wilmington 1056
Ashburn 1041
Cambridge 868
Mestre 813
Chandler 778
Jinan 548
Nanjing 480
Venice 477
Toronto 474
Shenyang 402
Dearborn 392
San Mateo 353
Venezia 335
Beijing 313
Hebei 282
Andover 278
Tianjin 228
Izmir 219
Guangzhou 212
Hangzhou 203
Changsha 182
Zhengzhou 174
Boston 170
Ottawa 156
Princeton 150
Nanchang 149
Taiyuan 146
Haikou 145
Taizhou 140
Ningbo 138
Fuzhou 135
Jiaxing 124
Sofia 123
Montréal 115
Latiano 96
San Diego 89
Saint Petersburg 85
Mcallen 76
Redwood City 76
Southend 66
Altamura 59
Munich 59
San Paolo di Civitate 57
Brussels 46
Polska 46
Milan 45
Renton 43
Buffalo 42
Hefei 40
Falls Church 39
Shanghai 38
Dong Ket 31
Vienna 31
Kunming 30
Los Angeles 29
Tangier 29
Zanjan 28
Leawood 26
Noale 26
Verona 26
Timisoara 25
Auburn Hills 24
Hanoi 24
Henderson 23
Moscow 23
Norwalk 23
Nürnberg 22
Orange 20
Chicago 19
Xiangfen 18
Padova 17
Trieste 17
Lanzhou 16
Rome 16
Baotou 15
Den Haag 14
Phoenix 13
Zelarino 12
Langhirano 11
Torino 11
Vicenza 11
Xian 11
Chioggia 10
Clearwater 10
Lequile 10
Puxian 10
Yicheng 10
Chengdu 9
Mahé 9
New York 9
Bologna 8
Bratislava 8
Frankfurt Am Main 8
Totale 27135
Nome #
Species sensitivity weighted distribution for ecological risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials: The n-TiO2 case study 1000
DESYCO: A decision support system for the regional risk assessment of climate change impacts in coastal zones 636
Comparison of international approaches to sustainable remediation 502
Brownfield regeneration in Europe: Identifying stakeholder perceptions, concerns, attitudes and information needs 496
A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis based methodology for quantitatively scoring the reliability and relevance of ecotoxicological data 457
KULTURisk regional risk assessment methodology for water-related natural hazards - Part 2: Application to the Zurich case study 440
Climate change impacts on marine water quality: The case study of the Northern Adriatic sea 398
Cumulative Impact Index for the Adriatic Sea: Accounting for interactions among climate and anthropogenic pressures 391
Global Partners in Contaminated Sites Management 382
Modelling climate change impacts on nutrients and primary production in coastal waters 362
Long-term agricultural non-point source pollution loading dynamics and correlation with outlet sediment geochemistry 361
SWOT Analysis of the Application of International Standard ISO 14001 in the Chinese Context. A Case Study of Guangdong Province 360
A participatory sustainability assessment for integrated watershed management in urban China 359
Regional Risk Assessment for climate change impacts on coastal aquifers 356
Alteration of freshwater ecosystem services under global change – A review focusing on the Po River basin (Italy) and the Red River basin (Vietnam) 354
The potential impacts of climate change factors on freshwater eutrophication: Implications for research and countermeasures of water management in China 353
A review of multi-risk methodologies for natural hazards: Consequences and challenges for a climate change impact assessment 352
“AMORE” Decision Support System for probabilistic Ecological Risk Assessment - Part II: Effect assessment of the case study on cyanide 350
Risk-based prioritization methodology for the classification of groundwater pollution sources 348
Assessing uncertainty of hydrological and ecological parameters originating from the application of an ensemble of ten global-regional climate model projections in a coastal ecosystem of the lagoon of Venice, Italy 340
A multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate pluvial floods risk under changing climate: The case study of the municipality of Venice (Italy) 339
Comparison Between the Soil Environment Management Systems of Europe and China and Some Related Suggestions 335
A risk assessment framework for irrigated agriculture under climate change 335
Circular Economy in China. Translating Principles into Practice 332
Multi-risk assessment in mountain regions: A review of modelling approaches for climate change adaptation 317
Comparative occupational risk assessment to support the substitution of Substances of Very High Concern: Alternatives assessment for diarsenic trioxide in Murano artistic glass production 310
Development of a site-specific Ecological Risk Assessment for contaminated sites: Part I. A multi-criteria based system for the selection of ecotoxicological tests and ecological observations 306
“AMORE” Decision Support System for probabilistic Ecological Risk Assessment - Part I: Exposure and risk assessment of the case study on cyanide 298
Modelling Bioaccumulation in Aquatic Organisms and in Mammals 296
A weight of evidence approach for hazard screening of engineered nanomaterials 295
Spatially explicit risk approach for multi-hazard assessment and management in marine environment: The case study of the Adriatic Sea 284
Bioaccumulation of trace metals in aquatic food web. A case study, Liaodong Bay, NE China 282
Assessment of climate change impacts in the North Adriatic coastal area. Part II: Consequences for coastal erosion impacts at the regional scale 281
The KULTURisk Regional Risk Assessment methodology for water-related natural hazards – Part 1: Physical-environmental assessment 279
Contamination and human health risk of lead in soils around lead/zinc smelting areas in China 279
Ecological status classification of the Taizi River Basin, China: a comparison of integrated risk assessment approaches 278
Assessment of climate change impacts in the North Adriatic coastal area. Part I: A multi-model chain for the definition of climate change hazard scenarios 277
Regional risk assessment for contaminated sites Part 1: Vulnerability assessment by multicriteria decision analysis 273
Modelling ecological and human exposure to POPs in Venice lagoon. Part I - Application of MERLIN-Expo tool for integrated exposure assessment 265
Soil environmental management systems for contaminated sites in China and the EU. Common challenges and perspectives for lesson drawing 259
The Lagoon of Venice as a case study: an interdisciplinary reseach approach as a basis for developing a project of environmental education 258
Actor networks and the construction of applicable knowledge: the case of the Timbre Brownfield Prioritization Tool 257
A Multi Criteria Decision Analysis - based methodology for the risk assessment of flood hazards at the regional scale 253
China's water environmental management towards institutional integration. A review of current progress and constraints vis-a-vis the European experience 253
Reviewing Bayesian Networks potentials for climate change impacts assessment and management: a multi-risk perspective 253
Ecological Civilization: What's in It for Urban Sustainability? Working paper prepared for the EuropeAid project "New pathways for sustainable urban development in China medium-sized cities" (MEDIUM) 251
Occurence of chemical pollutants in the Venice Lagoon: need of risk analysis as comprehensive assessment tool 249
Decision support systems for contaminated land management: a review 248
Assessing storm surge risk under future sea-level rise scenarios: a case study in the North Adriatic coast 246
The role of reference conditions in water quality assessment: application of a fuzzy logic-based Decision Support System (DSS) in the Danube and Elbe River Basins 242
Demonstration of a modelling-based multi-criteria decision analysis procedure for prioritisation of occupational risks from manufactured nanomaterials 240
Tools and methods to support adaptive policy making in marine areas: Review and implementation of the Adaptive Marine Policy Toolbox 240
Assessment of ecological risk from bioaccumulation of PCDD/Fs and dioxin-like PCBs in a coastal lagoon 237
Introducing an integrated climate change perspective in POPs modelling, monitoring and regulation 237
Cadmium exposure and early renal effects in the children and adults living in a tungsten-molybdenum mining areas of South China 236
Modelling the exposure to chemicals for risk assessment: a comprehensive library of multimedia and PBPK models for integration, prediction, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis - the MERLIN-Expo tool 235
Modelling ecological and human exposure to POPs in Venice lagoon - Part II: Quantitative uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in coupled exposure models 235
Supporting tools for decisional process within Water Framework Directive: from EU context to MODELKEY perspective 234
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry in the Framework of Risk Assessment and Management: The Lagoon of Venice as a Case Study 230
Spatially distributed ecological risk for fish of a coastal food web exposed to dioxins. 230
Water quality sustainability evaluation under uncertainty: A multi-scenario analysis based on Bayesian networks 230
Regional risk assessment for contaminated sites Part 3: Spatial decision support system 229
Targeted selection of brownfields from portfolios for sustainable regeneration: User experiences from five cases testing the Timbre Brownfield Prioritization Tool 229
A spatial risk assessment methodology to support the remediation of contaminated land 226
The social embeddedness of brownfield regeneration actors: Insights from social network analysis 226
Weight of Evidence approach for the relative hazard ranking of nanomaterials 225
Application of a quantitative weight of evidence approach for ranking and prioritising occupational exposure scenarios for titanium dioxide and carbon nanomaterials 224
Ecological risk assessment of persistent toxic substances for the clam Tapes philipinarum in the Lagoon of Venice, Italy 222
Environmental quality issues in the perspectives of risk assessment and management in the Venice lagoon 219
Approaches and Frameworks for Managing Contaminated Sediments - A European Perspective 218
The role of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in DEcision Support sYstem for Rehabilitation of contaminated sites (the DESYRE software) 217
A risk-based methodology for ranking environmental chemical stressors at the regional scale 217
Linking exposure models to regulatory and sustainability driven frameworks 217
A spatial decision support system for the Risk-based management of contaminated sites: the DESYRE DSS 216
Inventory of GIS-Based Decision Support Systems Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Waters and Related Inland Watersheds 215
Involve to improve: A participatory approach for a Decision Support System for coastal climate change impacts assessment. The North Adriatic case 213
Multi Criteria Decision Analysis based scoring of dose response laboratory tests for contaminants in surface water 213
The development of soil environment management system in China and some advices learned from European soil management - Poster 213
Identifying sustainability communicators in urban regeneration: Integrating individual and relational attributes 212
A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis methodology for quantitatively scoring the relevance and reliability of ecotoxicological data 211
A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis methodology for quantitatively scoring the relevance and reliability of ecotoxicological data 210
Risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials: a review of available data and approaches from a regulatory perspective 209
Development of a site-specific Ecological Risk Assessment for contaminated sites: Part II. A multi-criteria based system for the selection of bioavailability assessment tools 208
Regional risk assessment approaches to land planning for industrial polluted areas in China: The Hulunbeier region case study 208
Regional risk assessment for contaminated sites Part 2: Ranking of potentially contaminated sites 208
Integration of spatial analysis techniques in Ecological Risk Assessment: the case study of the edible organism Tapes philipinarum in the Venice lagoon 203
Assessing coastal vulnerability to climate change: comparing segmentation at global and regional scales 203
Screening ecological risk assessment for the benthic community in the Venice lagoon (Italy) 202
Climate change impact assessment in Veneto and Friuli Plain groundwater. Part II: A spatially resolved regional risk assessment 199
Comparison of risk-based decision-support systems for brownfield site rehabilitation: DESYRE and SADA applied to a Romanian case study 199
Decision support systems for risk based management of contaminated sites 198
A method for risk assessment for three contaminated sites in Northern Italy 197
Environmental quality of transitional waters: the lagoon of Venice case study 197
Multi-Risk Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Zones 197
Analisi di rischio ecologico per il risanamento dei siti contaminati. Quadro internazionale e sviluppo di linee guida in ambito nazionale. Manuale e linee guida dell'ANPA 196
null 192
A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis methodology based on Multi-Attribute Value Theory and Fuzzy Logic for quantitatively scoring the reliability of ecotoxicological data 190
Decision Support System for the management of contaminated sites: a multi-criteria approach 189
Assessment of coastal vulnerability to climate change hazards at the regional scale: the case study of the North Adriatic Sea 188
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