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Continente #
NA - Nord America 2030
EU - Europa 767
AS - Asia 355
OC - Oceania 73
AF - Africa 54
SA - Sud America 31
Totale 3310
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1978
IT - Italia 359
GB - Regno Unito 91
AU - Australia 71
IN - India 57
DE - Germania 53
IR - Iran 41
CA - Canada 39
TR - Turchia 31
PH - Filippine 29
RO - Romania 29
MY - Malesia 28
PK - Pakistan 28
IE - Irlanda 26
FR - Francia 25
NL - Olanda 25
JP - Giappone 20
AT - Austria 19
CN - Cina 19
SE - Svezia 19
NG - Nigeria 17
PL - Polonia 15
ES - Italia 13
ID - Indonesia 13
ZA - Sudafrica 13
CH - Svizzera 12
HK - Hong Kong 12
PT - Portogallo 12
EG - Egitto 11
SA - Arabia Saudita 11
VN - Vietnam 11
MX - Messico 9
PE - Perù 9
RU - Federazione Russa 9
UA - Ucraina 9
BE - Belgio 8
BR - Brasile 8
CO - Colombia 8
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 8
HR - Croazia 8
IL - Israele 8
SG - Singapore 8
GR - Grecia 7
TH - Thailandia 7
IQ - Iraq 6
FI - Finlandia 5
KR - Corea 5
KE - Kenya 4
LT - Lituania 4
NO - Norvegia 4
EC - Ecuador 3
GE - Georgia 3
KZ - Kazakistan 3
LB - Libano 3
MA - Marocco 3
OM - Oman 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
CL - Cile 2
DK - Danimarca 2
GH - Ghana 2
HU - Ungheria 2
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
AG - Antigua e Barbuda 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
BH - Bahrain 1
BN - Brunei Darussalam 1
BO - Bolivia 1
DZ - Algeria 1
GM - Gambi 1
JM - Giamaica 1
KH - Cambogia 1
KW - Kuwait 1
LI - Liechtenstein 1
PR - Porto Rico 1
RS - Serbia 1
TT - Trinidad e Tobago 1
TW - Taiwan 1
TZ - Tanzania 1
ZW - Zimbabwe 1
Totale 3310
Città #
Woodbridge 1171
Fairfield 74
Ashburn 61
Boardman 48
Seattle 47
Santa Cruz 46
Venezia 39
Houston 38
Chicago 29
San Diego 25
Cambridge 21
Sydney 20
Dublin 18
London 18
Mountain View 18
Milan 16
Fleming Island 15
Vienna 15
Warsaw 14
Buffalo 12
Des Moines 12
Rome 12
Venice 12
Wilmington 12
Andover 11
Calgary 11
Francavilla Al Mare 11
Suceava 10
Ankara 9
Brisbane 9
Las Vegas 9
Turin 9
Aalen 8
Ann Arbor 8
New York 8
Bangkok 7
Cape Town 7
Karachi 7
Lima 7
Los Angeles 7
Singapore 7
Toronto 7
Villadose 7
Baghdad 6
Council Bluffs 6
Gurgaon 6
Hanoi 6
San Mateo 6
Stuttgart 6
Tappahannock 6
Viseu 6
Adelaide 5
Amsterdam 5
Bellinzago Novarese 5
Bologna 5
Central 5
Dallas 5
Ibshaway 5
Islamabad 5
Linköping 5
Melbourne 5
Newcastle 5
Riyadh 5
Trieste 5
Zagreb 5
Athens 4
Azcapotzalco 4
Bangalore 4
Barletta 4
Bucharest 4
Dolo 4
Dong Ket 4
Genoa 4
Istanbul 4
La Carolina 4
Lake Forest 4
Madison 4
Madrid 4
Mansfield 4
Markham 4
Mumbai 4
Pars 4
Pisa 4
San Giovanni al Natisone 4
San Jose 4
Sheffield 4
Stockholm 4
Tokyo 4
Utrecht 4
Utsukushigaoka 4
Ahmedabad 3
Alexandria 3
Atlanta 3
Belfast 3
Berlin 3
Camponogara 3
Canberra 3
Cincinnati 3
Cyberjaya 3
Fes 3
Totale 2200
Nome #
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Sexual Health Dysfunction After Radiotherapy for Gynecological Cancer: Role of Physical Rehabilitation Including Pelvic Floor Muscle Training, file e4239dde-8362-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 57
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Smart contracts to enable sustainable business models. A case study, file e4239ddd-c540-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
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Conhecimento em Transição nos Cuidados de Saúde, file e4239dde-87d2-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
Conhecimento em Transição nos Cuidados de Saúde, file e4239dde-87d3-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
Conhecimento em Transição nos Cuidados de Saúde, file e4239dde-8b34-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
Healthcare and the human centered organizational culture during the COVID-19 pandemic: The italian experience, file e4239dde-8b37-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
La gestione dell’emergenza covid-19. Il caso dell’Azienda unità sanitaria locale di Modena, file e4239dde-8b5d-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
The Importance of Soft Skills in Co-Production of Healthcare Services in the Public Sector, file e4239dde-8ba3-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
Women, Sustainable Development, and Entrepreneurial Education, file e4239dde-8ba5-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
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Wellbeing of women entrepreneurs and relational capital, file e4239dde-8d3c-7180-e053-3705fe0a3322 1
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