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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
5.1 Facts and fictions about white non-Hispanic US-born domestic workers in the USA – are we missing something? Working paper. Deliverable D5.1 within the MAJORdom project 1-gen-2019 Anna Rosinska 7.01 Working paper -
A cinquant'anni da "The Making of the English Working Class" di Edward P. Thompson (1963-2013) 1-gen-2013 BRUNELLO, Pietro 7.01 Working paper -
A copula -based approach to aggregation functions 1-gen-2006 CARDIN, Marta + 7.01 Working paper -
A data envelopment analysis approach to measure the performance of mutual funds 1-gen-2000 BASSO, AntonellaFUNARI, Stefania 7.01 Working paper -
A Dynamic Analysis of the Microstructure of Moving Average Rules in a Double Auction Market 1-gen-2009 PELLIZZARI, Paolo + 7.01 Working paper -
A framework of conjugate direction methods for symmetric linear systems in optimization 1-gen-2013 FASANO, Giovanni 7.01 Working paper -
A General Equilibrium Model of Bank Competition, Risk and Capital 1-gen-2011 LUCCHETTA, Marcella + 7.01 Working paper -
A generalized performance attribution technique for mutual funds 1-gen-2001 BASSO, AntonellaFUNARI, Stefania 7.01 Working paper -
A Grammar of Italian Sequence of Tense 1-gen-2009 GIORGI, Alessandra 7.01 Working paper -
A linear optimal control model for multisegment marketing 1-gen-2001 ELLERO, AndreaMORETTI, Elena + 7.01 Working paper -
A Linesearch-based Derivative-free Approach for Nonsmooth Optimization 1-gen-2013 FASANO, Giovanni + 7.01 Working paper -
A Modified Galam's Model 1-gen-2008 ELLERO, AndreaFASANO, GiovanniSORATO, Annamaria 7.01 Working paper -
A Multi-Agent Model of Tax Evasion with Public Expenditure 1-gen-2011 PELLIZZARI, PaoloRIZZI, Dino 7.01 Working paper -
A Network model of price dispersion: theory and empirical evidence 1-gen-2008 PASINI, Giacomo + 7.01 Working paper -
A new algorithm for the 2-period Balanced Traveling Salesman Problem in Euclidean Graphs. 1-gen-2008 MASON, Francesco + 7.01 Working paper -
A new dataset on educational inequality 1-gen-2010 MESCHI, Elena Francesca + 7.01 Working paper -
A nonmonotone truncatedNewton-Krylov method exploiting negative curvature directions, forlarge scale unconstrained optimization: complete results 1-gen-2008 FASANO, Giovanni + 7.01 Working paper -
A one-step robust estimator based on the weighted likelihood methodology 1-gen-1997 AGOSTINELLI, Claudio 7.01 Working paper -
A participatory approach for assessing alternative climate change adaptation responses to cope with flooding risk in the upper Brahmaputra and Danube river basins 1-gen-2009 GIUPPONI, Carlo + 7.01 Working paper -
A re-examination of the algebraic properties of the AHP as a ratio-scaling technique 1-gen-2009 BERNASCONI, Michele + 7.01 Working paper -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 947
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