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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
On the Oxidation of Furfural to Furoic Acid 1-gen-2018 Michela SignorettoFederica Menegazzo 3.1 Articolo su libro -
One "Click" access to self-complementary molecular modules for halogen bonding 1-gen-2016 SCRIVANTI, Alberto + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
One-pot tandem catalytic epoxidation – CO2 insertion of monounsaturated methyl oleate to the corresponding cyclic organic carbonate 1-gen-2021 Roberto CalmantiNicola SargentoniMaurizio SelvaAlvise Perosa 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
One-Pot Transformation of Citronellal to Menthol Over H-Beta Zeolite Supported Ni Catalyst: Effect of Catalyst Support Acidity and Ni Loading 1-gen-2023 Taghavi S.Ghedini E.Menegazzo F.Signoretto M. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Organocatalytic Enantioselective Epoxidation of Some Aryl-Substituted Vinylidenebisphosphonate Esters: On the Way to Chiral Anti-Osteoporosis Drugs 1-gen-2017 CHIMINAZZO, ANDREASPERNI, LauraSCARSO, AlessandroSTRUKUL, Giorgio 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
[OSSO]‐Type Chromium(III) Complexes for the Reaction of CO2 with Epoxides 1-gen-2022 Fiorani, Giulia + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Palladium catalyzed carbonylations: a useful tool for the synthesis of Fine Chemicals 1-gen-2015 PICCOLO, OrestePAGANELLI, StefanoTASSINI, RICCARDOBALDI, FrancoGALLO, MicheleRATHOD, VIKAS DAMU 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
[Pd(DHTANa)]: un nuovo catalizzatore per reazioni bifasiche acquose 1-gen-2016 PAGANELLI, StefanoPICCOLO, Oreste + 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
Pd-based catalysts for hydrodechlorination of Aroclor 1260 1-gen-2015 PICCOLO, OrestePAGANELLI, StefanoSPERNI, LauraGALLO, MicheleBALDI, Franco 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
Pd/C Catalyzed selective hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to cyclohexanone oxime in the presence of NH2OH·HCl: Influence of the operative variables and insights on the reaction mechanism 1-gen-2020 Pietrobon L.Ronchin L.Sadraoui C.Tosetto C.Vavasori A. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Perovskites and exsolution: new catalysts for Methane Dry Reforming reaction 1-gen-2022 Giulia Da PianMarco PizzolatoElena GhediniMichela Signoretto + 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
Photocatalytic degradation of ethylbenzene in gas phase over N or NF doped TiO2 catalysts 1-gen-2019 · Michela Signoretto + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Photomodulable Phosphines Incorporating Diarylethene Moieties 1-gen-2015 STRUKUL, GiorgioSCARSO, Alessandro + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Photoreforming of Glucose over CuO/TiO2 1-gen-2020 Zanardo, DannyMenegazzo, FedericaSignoretto, Michela + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Plastics today: Key challenges and EU strategies towards carbon neutrality: A review 1-gen-2023 Beghetto, ValentinaGatto, VanessaSamiolo, RiccardoFacchin, Manuela + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Platinum(II) Complexes with Coordinated Electron-Withdrawing Fluoroalkyl and Fluoroaryl Ligands: Synthesis, Reactivity, and Catalytic Activity 1-gen-2012 SCARSO, AlessandroSTRUKUL, Giorgio + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Platinum(II) Diphosphinamine Complexes for the Efficient Hydration of Alkynes in Micellar Media 1-gen-2012 SCARSO, AlessandroSTRUKUL, Giorgio + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Platinum(II) diphosphine complexes as catalysts for the Baeyer–Villiger oxidation of ketones: Is it possible to increase the concentration of the active species? 1-gen-2008 SCARSO, AlessandroSTRUKUL, Giorgio + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Polyamidoamide Dendrimers and Cross-Linking Agents for Stabilized Bioenzymatic Resistant Metal-Free Bovine Collagen 1-gen-2019 Beghetto, ValentinaGatto, VanessaConca, SilviaBardella, NoemiScrivanti, Alberto 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Polyketones: Synthesis and Applications 1-gen-2017 Vavasori, AndreaRonchin, Lucio 3.4 Voce in dizionario/enciclopedia -
Mostrati risultati da 222 a 241 di 341
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