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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Ultra-trace determination of total mercury in Italian bottled waters 1-gen-2019 Cairns, Warren R. L.Scalabrin, Elisa + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Ultrasensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein by graphene field-effect transistors 1-gen-2022 Silvestri A.Coluzza I. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
An ultrasensitive molecularly imprinted human cardiac troponin sensor 1-gen-2013 Najmeh Karimian + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Unravelling functions of halogen substituents in the enantioseparation of halogenated planar chiral ferrocenes on polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases: experimental and electrostatic potential analyses 1-gen-2022 Cossu S. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Untargeted analysis of environmental contaminants in surface snow samples of Svalbard Islands by liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry 1-gen-2023 Barbaro, ElenaScoto, FedericoBarbante, Carlo + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Unusual metals as electrode materials for electrochemical sensors 1-gen-2019 Zanardi, Chiara + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Urban air quality in a mid-size city — PM2.5 composition, sources and identification of impact areas: From local to long range contributions 1-gen-2017 SQUIZZATO, StefaniaINNOCENTE, ELENAVISIN, FlaviaRAMPAZZO, Giancarlo + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Use of an electrochemical room temperature ionic liquid-based microprobe for measurements in gaseous atmospheres 1-gen-2017 BRAGATO, CarloDANIELE, Salvatore + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
The use of levoglucosan for tracing biomass burning in PM2.5 samples in Tuscany (Italy) 1-gen-2012 GAMBARO, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Use of organic biomarkers for the Late Holocene reconstruction of fire and human presence in New Zealand 1-gen-2016 ARGIRIADIS, ELENAVECCHIATO, MARCOKIRCHGEORG, TORBENBATTISTEL, DARIOKEHRWALD, NATALIE MARIEBARBANTE, Carlo + 4.3 Poster in Atti di convegno -
Using Electrochemical SERS to Measure the Redox Potential of Drug Molecules Bound to dsDNA-a Study of Mitoxantrone 1-gen-2016 UGO, Paolo + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Using trace elements to characterize subaqueous calcite deposits in Devils Hole (Nevada) 1-gen-2022 Marco RomanPascal Bohleber + 4.3 Poster in Atti di convegno -
Validation and optimisation of the source apportionment method for PM10 applied to measurement campaigns in the area of Civitavecchia 1-gen-2014 + 7.02 Rapporto di ricerca -
Validation of a Method for Determining Heavy Metals in Some Ethiopian Spices By Dry Ashing Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy 1-gen-2014 Kassa Belay Ibrahim 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Validation of the results of the WRF-CAMx modelling system: case study for the 2010 in the Apulia Region 1-gen-2016 + 7.02 Rapporto di ricerca -
Variability in black carbon mass concentration in surface snow at Svalbard 1-gen-2021 Varin C.Poto L.Barbante C. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Variations of trace elements and rare earth elements (REEs) treated by two different methods for snow-pit samples on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and their implications 1-gen-2017 BARBANTE 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Vitoria Bay Pollution Study in the Frame of Tagubar Research Project - Preliminary Biosystemic Approach 1-gen-2017 Guido PerinAndrea Giacometti 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Vitória Bay Pollution Study in the Frame of the TAGUBAR Research Project: Geochemistry of the Sediments of Espírito Santo Bay 1-gen-2018 andrea giacomettiguido perin + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Volatile Aldehydes Sensing in Headspace Using a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid-Modified Electrochemical Microprobe 1-gen-2019 Bonazza, GregorioDaniele, Salvatore + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Mostrati risultati da 686 a 705 di 723
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