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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Organic proxies in speleothems: analytical method and first data from cave KNI-51 1-gen-2019 Elena ArgiriadisMattia BaltieriCarlo Barbante + 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
Organobase assisted synthesis of Co(OH)2 nanosheets enriched with oxygen vacancies for nonenzymatic glucose sensing at physiological pH 1-gen-2021 Adeel M.Daniele S.Rizzolio F.Rahman M. M. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Oxidation of Hydroxide ions from dilute unbuffered solutions of ammonia at platinum microdisks surrounded by thick and thin insulating sheaths. 1-gen-2004 DANIELE, Salvatore + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
PAHs in the urban air of Sarajevo: levels, sources, day/night variation, and human inhalation risk 1-gen-2014 GAMBARO, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
PAHs, PCBs, PBDEs, and OCPs trapped and remobilized in the Lake of Cavazzo (NE Italy) sediments: Temporal trends, quality, and sources in an area prone to anthropogenic and natural stressors 1-gen-2022 Pizzini, SarahPiazza, RossanoGambaro, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Palaeoclimate constraints on the impact of 2 degrees C anthropogenic warming and beyond 1-gen-2018 C. BarbanteA. Rovere + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Paleoclimatologia, proxies climatici e ricerca scientifica in Antartide 1-gen-2017 Pizzini, Sarah 7.16 Altro -
A paper-based device for glyphosate electrochemical detection in human urine: A case study to demonstrate how the properties of the paper can solve analytical issues 1-gen-2023 Moro G.Fama F.Gambaro A.Zanardi C. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Particle size distribution of inorganic and organic ions in coastal and inland Antarctic aerosol 1-gen-2017 TOSCANO, GiuseppaBARBANTE, CarloGAMBARO, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Partitioning of particulate matter and elements of suburban continental aerosols between fine and coarse modes 1-gen-2018 Gambaro, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
PCBs and PAHs in surficial sediments from aquatic environments of Mexico city and the coastal states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Oaxaca and Veracruz (Mexico) 1-gen-2008 PIAZZA, RossanoMORET, Ivo + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
PCDD/Fs in sediments of Central Vietnam coastal lagoons: In search of TCDD 1-gen-2010 R. PiazzaM. Vecchiato + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs, C7-C12) through the biogeochemical cycle of grapevine: determination by GC/MS after derivatization 1-gen-2017 Pizzini, SarahBonato, TizianoBarbante, CarloPiazza, Rossano 4.3 Poster in Atti di convegno -
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Antarctica: Occurrence in continental and coastal surface snow 1-gen-2015 VECCHIATO, MARCOARGIRIADIS, ELENAZAMBON, STEFANOBARBANTE, CarloTOSCANO, GiuseppaGAMBARO, AndreaPIAZZA, Rossano 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Pesticides monitoring in biological fluids: Mapping the gaps in analytical strategies 1-gen-2023 Fama, FrancescoFeltracco, MatteoMoro, GiuliaBarbaro, ElenaGambaro, AndreaZanardi, Chiara + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Pesticidi polari nell’aerosol rurale e d’alta montagna del nord-est Italia 1-gen-2022 Matteo FeltraccoElena BarbaroMara BortoliniJacopo GabrieliCarlo BarbanteAndrea Gambaro + 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
Phosphorescent cationic heterodinuclear IrIII/MI complexes (M = CuI, AuI) with a hybrid Janus-type N-heterocyclic carbene bridge 1-gen-2020 Polo, Federico + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Photo-oxidation products of α-pinene in coarse, fine and ultrafine aerosol: A new high sensitive HPLC-MS/MS method 1-gen-2018 Matteo FeltraccoGiuseppa ToscanoDario BattistelCarlo BarbanteAndrea Gambaro + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Photoinduced hydrogen evolution with new tetradentate cobalt(II) complexes based on the TPMA ligand 1-gen-2016 Badetti, ElenaZonta, Cristiano + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Photophysics and electrochemiluminescence of bright cyclometalated Ir(III) complexes in aqueous solutions 1-gen-2016 Polo F + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Mostrati risultati da 494 a 513 di 723
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