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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Ice Core Science Meets Computer Vision: Challenges and Perspectives 1-gen-2021 Bohleber, PascalRoman, MarcoBarbante, CarloVascon, SebastianoPelillo, Marcello + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Identification and Quantification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Polyhydroxyalkanoates Produced from Mixed Microbial Cultures and Municipal Organic Wastes at Pilot Scale 1-gen-2021 Valentino, FrancescoMajone, Mauro + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Identification and quantification of tire wear particles by employing different cross-validation techniques: FTIR-ATR Micro-FTIR, Pyr-GC/MS, and SEM 1-gen-2023 Rosso, BeatriceGregoris, ElenaBarbante, CarloGambaro, AndreaCorami, Fabiana + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Identification of emerging contaminants in wastewater and uptake in Beta vulgaris var. cicla and Allium cepa by HPLC-HRMS 1-gen-2019 Elisa ScalabrinMarta RadaelliGabriele Capodaglio + 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
Il clima in una scatola 1-gen-2019 Federico Dallo 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Imaging the impurity distribution in glacier ice cores with LA-ICP-MS 1-gen-2020 Pascal BohleberMarco RomanMartin ŠalaCarlo Barbante 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Impact of ConcanavalinA affinity in the intracellular fate of Protein Corona on Glucosamine Au nanoparticles 1-gen-2018 Silvestri A + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Impact of maritime traffic on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals and particulate matter in Venice air 1-gen-2016 GREGORIS, ELENABARBARO, ELENAMORABITO, ElisaTOSCANO, GiuseppaGAMBARO, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Impact of Po Valley emissions on the highest glacier of the Eastern European Alps 1-gen-2011 GABRIELI, JacopoGABRIELLI, PAOLOKEHRWALD, NATALIE MARIETURETTA, ClaraCOZZI, GiulioSpolaor, AndreaBARBANTE, Carlo + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Impact of Ship Traffic to PM2.5 and Particle Number Concentrations in Three Port-Cities of the Adriatic/Ionian Area 1-gen-2015 GAMBARO, AndreaMERICO, EVA + 4.1 Articolo in Atti di convegno -
Impact of ship traffic to some atmospheric pollutants concentration in the city of Venice 1-gen-2016 GREGORIS, ELENABARBARO, ELENAMORABITO, ElisaMERICO, EVAGAMBARO, Andrea + 4.2 Abstract in Atti di convegno -
The impact of the 1999 Mw 7.4 event in the İzmit Bay (Turkey) on anthropogenic contaminant (PCBs, PAHs and PBDEs) concentrations recorded in a deep sediment core 1-gen-2017 PIAZZA, RossanoVECCHIATO, MARCOPIZZINI, Sarah + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
An Impedimetric Biosensing Strategy Based on Bicyclic Peptides as Bioreceptors for Monitoring huPA Cancer Biomarker 1-gen-2023 Moro, GiuliaFerrari, LeonardoAngelini, AlessandroPolo, Federico 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Impedimetric sensing of the immuno-enzymatic reaction of gliadin with a collagen-modified electrode 1-gen-2018 Bottari, FabioMoretto, Ligia MariaUgo, Paolo 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Implementation of the NANoREG Safe-by-Design approach for different nanomaterial applications 1-gen-2017 Micheletti, CRoman, M + 4.1 Articolo in Atti di convegno -
Improved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon and n‑Alkane Determination in Speleothems through Cleanroom Sample Processing 1-gen-2019 Carlo Barbante + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
In-flame: INputs of FLuorinated compounds from Arctic MElting - RiS ID: 11598 1-gen-2021 Pizzini, Sarah 7.02 Rapporto di ricerca -
Increased Retention of Gadolinium in the Inflamed Brain After Repeated Administration of Gadopentetate Dimeglumine: A Proof-of-Concept Study in Mice Combining ICP-MS and Micro- and Nano-SR-XRF 1-gen-2019 ROMAN, Marco + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Increasing the maturity of measurements of essential climate variables (ECVs) at Italian atmospheric WMO/GAW observatories by implementing automated data elaboration chains 1-gen-2020 Dallo, FedericoGabrieli, JacopoBarbante, Carlo + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Indoor airborne particle sources and semi-volatile partitioning effect of outdoor fine PM in offices 1-gen-2013 GAMBARO, Andrea + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Mostrati risultati da 339 a 358 di 723
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