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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Sound emissions of the mediterranean damselfish chromis chromis (pomacentridae) 1-gen-2002 Picciulin M. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Sound features and vocal rhythms as a proxy for locating the spawning ground of Sciaena umbra in the wild 1-gen-2020 Picciulin M.Facca C.Malavasi S. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Sound pressure and particle acceleration audiograms in three marine fish species from the Adriatic Sea 1-gen-2009 Picciulin M. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Sound production by the Shi drum Umbrina cirrosa and comparison with the brown meagre Sciaena umbra: a passive acoustic monitoring perspective 1-gen-2016 PICCIULIN, MARTACORO', ANNA BEATRICECALCAGNO, GiancarloMALAVASI, Stefano + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Sound production in the Ponto-Caspian goby Neogobius fluviatilis and acoustic affinities within the Gobius lineage: implications for phylogeny 1-gen-2016 CAVRARO, FrancescoMALAVASI, Stefano + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Sound production mechanism in Gobius paganellus 1-gen-2013 MALAVASI, Stefano + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
The soundscape of a mussel farm: Biophony and man-made noise levels 1-gen-2016 Picciulin M.COLLA, SILVIAPRANOVI, FabioMALAVASI, Stefano + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Spatial and temporal variability of sea ambient noise as an anthropogenic pressure index: the case of the Cres-Losinj archipelago, Croatia 1-gen-2013 Picciulin, MVilibic, I + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Spatial distribution of the pine marten (Martes martes) and stone marten (Martes foina) in the Italian Alps 1-gen-2021 Spada A.Righetti D.Granata M.Capelli E. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Spatio-temporal distribution and acoustic characterization of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus, Gadidae) calls in the Arctic fjord Kongsfjorden (Svalbard Islands) 1-gen-2020 Buscaino, G.Picciulin, M.Mazzola, S. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Structure and function of sensory organs 1-gen-2017 MALAVASI, Stefano + 3.1 Articolo su libro -
Successful reproduction of feral Trachemys scripta (Schoepff, 1792) in an inland wetland of the Veneto region, Le Basse del Brenta, Italy 1-gen-2023 Mirko LiuzzoEdy FantinatoStefano Malavasi 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Survey of mammals in the Strict Nature Reserve of Bosco Nordio (Chioggia, province of Venezia, NE Italy) 1-gen-2019 Spada Arianna + 4.1 Articolo in Atti di convegno -
Tasso 1-gen-2017 Spada Arianna 3.1 Articolo su libro -
Testis structure, spermatogenesis and sperm morphology in pipefishes of the genus Syngnathus 1-gen-2016 FRANZOI, Piero + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
ThinkAnimal, l'animale come soggetto attivo 1-gen-2015 MALAVASI, Stefano 3.2 Prefazione/Postfazione -
Underwater noise assessment in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea, Italy) using an MSFD approach 1-gen-2015 Picciulin M. + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Underwater Noise: Sources and Effects on Marine Life 1-gen-2019 Marta Picciulin + 3.1 Articolo su libro -
Ursus arctos: ecologia e protezione 1-gen-2012 Spada Arianna 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Use of passive acoustic monitoring to fill knowledge gaps of fish global conservation status 1-gen-2023 Picciulin, Marta + 2.1 Articolo su rivista -
Mostrati risultati da 125 a 144 di 148
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